Why “pink” coconut water?
Because coconut water contains naturally occurring variations in levels of enzyme (polyphenol oxidase) which would make it turn pink. This “pink” coconut water is just as good and safe to consume.

How to extend the shelf life of the fresh coconut water?
The shelf life of fresh coconut water is about 7 days in chilled (0⁰ - 4⁰ C) condition. Freezing the coconut water would preserve its freshness until the time it is served. Just thaw the coconut water when ready to consume. Once thawed, consume right away, do not refreeze.

How to thaw the fresh coconut water ?

- Place the bottle/s of frozen coconut water in the refrigerator or immerse in a basin filled with tap water to defrost.
- Wait until the coconut water is COMPLETELY thawed before consuming to get the full taste of the coconut. Partially thawed coconut water would seem to taste sweeter. The reason for this is that sugar have a higher freezing point than water and would naturally defrost faster. So if partially thawed, one would consume the sugar first and the rest of the coconut water would seem bland.
- Once the coconut water is completely thawed, shake well and ENJOY!