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Enjoy the tropical taste of coconut. Now you can have your potassium rich drink anytime, anywhere.

About Us

Started in 1995, when fresh coconut water was served either in its natural shell or white plastic cups, Fruits of Life Inc. saw the need for improved packaging for fresh coconut water that would be convenient, sanitary and leak-proof. Throughout this, the company’s goal was to not compromise the natural freshness and quality of coconut water. Thus, Lipa Fresh Coconut Water was born.

Benefits of coconut water

To date, fresh coconut water is not just regarded as a thirst quenching fruit beverage that is low in fat and calories, but it is also an isotonic beverage that aids in hydrating the body by replacing fluids and electrolytes lost during physical activities.

Low in Calories

Low in Fat and Sugar Content

Rich in Potassium

Contains Sodium and Magnesium

Natural Source of Electrolytes

Excellent Sports Drink

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